The calling

Humans have always longed in knowing what was the purpose of life: Why are we here? What is it for? Are we alone? What’s the purpose of it all?

We spend millions if not billions trying to find a comforting answer that might satisfy our minds. We go to the Moon or Mars and beyond, trying to figure out if there is something in the infinite cosmos that will reassure us that someone has been there before. We pay thousands for education trying to understand how the world works. We spend countless hours trying to find our calling, an answer to “why am I here?”, “how can I be of use to me, my family, my community, my colleagues, my firm, my startup, my country, the world?”.

The calling is that tiny voice in your head and that grit deep within your gut. It is part of who you are and what guides your choices and crafts your questions. It’s that “thing” that you put away because doing it makes no sense or seems to illogical or doesn’t fit the panorama of that perfect life we try to live.

The calling is patient, for as the more you try to dampen it, the more it will wait in the shadows, patiently waiting for its turn to come back to the surface and show you how much you need it in your life.

The calling is your drive that works in the shadows, that steers your questions and answers, that makes you want to pick a book, a guitar, a microphone and take a stand. It is what you were always meant to do, it what you were born to do, it is what you’re good at. The calling grows as you get better at your craft. It will challenge you to reach goodness and why not perfection and will feed other callings that you thought were impossible to do or reach. All of a sudden your dreams become a reality and you’re here wondering why haven’t you done that before.

The calling is calling you but you have to pay attention to it. Beware that its awakening can be somewhat sudden and like an eureka moment. That’s the power of the calling, of who you are, of what you were born to do. It is that strong.

Listen to that voice inside your head. Trust the dreams you want to reach because nothing seems impossible once you know what to look for.

What are you waiting for?

This post first appeared on It’s Your Turn on Medium