About me


Hi, my name is Beatrice Ghorra and I am a curious engineer with a very creative side!

Engineering has always had a very special place in my life as I specialised in building network infrastructures for clients and service providers. This has earned me the “BGP Guru title” recently as discerned by my former colleagues. I love challenges, deconstructing the obvious and understanding how things work (big fan of The Discovery Channels and Nat Geo’s Brain games).

I levelled up with my former classmates on Seth Godin’s altMBA8 in Jan 2017! It was an awesome and unforgettable experience.


I currently am the Director of Operations at WiredScore France. My job is to lead the team that will help our real-estate professionals understand their current assets’ connectivity and enhance it for the future needs of their tenants. Connectivity has never been more important.


I’ve had the chance to build many major networking infrastructures: New BGP transit networks, carrier backhauls, IPv6 transitioning, HFC and fibre optic networks as well as designing a multitude of complex client networks.

But I also worked on my former ISP’s media portfolio as a transverse project manager. I helped different teams from different horizons in understanding each other to build a great media broadcasting network and launching 5 new Sports TV channels.


Engineering and creativity are intimately linked.


I’ve been a musician for over 2 decades now and a DJ for over a decade.

I record and produce my own music and shows that are showcased on friskyRadio bi-monthly on the 3rd Thursday of the month. I spin Deep House and Progressive House tunes consisting of my favorite tunes basically! Jump in and listen!




Photography has always been part of my journey since a young age and I enjoy sharing my work and my travel logs on 500px and Instagram.



I’ve been inspired by many bloggers and tech influencers and I hope I can give back, through this blog a bit of my knowledge to you and help you find the push to create uniqueness in the world.

Thank you for dropping by and let’s connect!